'Heroic' Iran, 'resistive' Syria behind Sandy, pro-Assad group claims
Burned-out vehicles and destroyed homes line a street in Breezy Point, located on the western end of the Rockaway peninsula in New York.
October 31st, 2012
05:03 AM ET

'Heroic' Iran, 'resistive' Syria behind Sandy, pro-Assad group claims

By Saad Abedine

When it comes to natural disasters, the divide between assumption and reality can be stark. Or downright absurd.

Hours after Superstorm Sandy howled its way through the East Coast this week, unleashing a fatal trail of destruction, global reactions included outpouring of sympathy and support.

But not in Syria, where some pro-government supporters welcomed the superstorm when it hit Monday, claiming the natural disaster is the result of high-tech secret engineering.

The superstorm killed dozens across the U.S. East Coast as it ravaged the region with heavy rains, snow and flooding. Millions remain without power as it swirls north.

"Sources confirmed to us that Hurricane Sandy that is slamming the U.S. was set off by highly advanced technologies developed by the heroic Iranian regime that supports the resistance, with coordination of our resistive Syrian regime," pro-government group News Network of the Syrian Armed Forces said in a Facebook posting.

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October 4th, 2012
04:26 AM ET

Opposition: Turkey resumes shelling of Syrian military sites

By Ivan Watson and Saad Abedine, CNN

Istanbul, Turkey (CNN) - Turkey was shelling Syrian military sites near its border early Thursday, according to the opposition, even as the Turkish parliament was to convene an emergency session to consider granting authority to preemptively strike its neighbor.

The opposition claims follows news Wednesday that Turkey fired on Syrian government targets in response to the shelling of a Turkish border town.

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