May 29th, 2012
06:36 AM ET

Official hints Israel capable of 'Flame'-type attack

By Guy Azriel reporting from Jerusalem

Israel's Vice Prime Minister suggested Tuesday that his country has the capabilities to develop malware capable of attacking sophisticated computer systems, but would not confirm whether Israel has any role in the newly revealed “Flame” malware that has been infecting computers in the region, with Iran seeming to be a main target.

(Watch the video above for a good explanation of the Flame threat)

Speaking to Israeli Army radio, Minister of Strategic Affairs Moshe Yaalon said “Israel is blessed to be a nation possessing superior technology. In that respect our achievements open up all sorts of opportunities for us."

“Whoever sees the Iranian threat as a serious threat, not just for Israel, but the entire western world led by the United States would be likely to make use all possible means, including these in order to hurt them," said Yaalon, a former Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces, when asked about Israel’s involvement in cyber warfare activity. FULL POST

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May 7th, 2012
02:00 AM ET

Israeli political heavyweights publicly spar over Iran policy

By Guy Azriel

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak lashed out against former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and two former heads of Israeli security services who publicly criticized the policy of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government on Iran.

In excerpts of an interview published last week, Barak told the Israeli daily Israel Hayom that Olmert, together with Meir Dagan, former head of the Israeli Mossad, and former head of internal security Yuval Diskin, were working for the benefit of the Iranian government.

"It isn't hard to see who does this serve," Barak said.

Barak expressed anger over what he sees as efforts to derail the government's campaign to increase international pressure on the Iranian regime to suspend its nuclear ambitions.


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Weighing impact of Israel striking Iran
March 9th, 2012
10:27 AM ET

Weighing impact of Israel striking Iran

By Guy Azriel, reporting from Jerusalem

While Israel has the most advanced military in the Middle East - including a suspected-but-undeclared nuclear arsenal of its own - Israeli analysts say there's no guarantee that a unilateral strike will roll back an Iranian program it sees as a threat to its survival.

Yet that's the choice observers say the Jewish state may soon face, and some argue the benefits would outweigh the costs military action would incur.

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