October 1st, 2012
06:19 PM ET

Georgia opposition may be premature in declaring victory– observers

By Jill Dougherty, CNN Foreign Affairs Correspondent

Independent international observers in the Republic of Georgia described the country's parliamentary election Monday as peaceful with no significant violence but warned that the opposition may be prematurely declaring victory.

Lorne Craner, president of the International Republican Institute, a U.S. congressionally funded democracy support organization, spoke with CNN by telephone at 11 p.m. Tbilisi, Georgia, time, as Georgia's Central Election Commission was counting votes. As he spoke, the sound of honking horns and celebration by the opposition was audible in the background.


February 22nd, 2012
02:37 PM ET

A shadow war from Bangkok to Baku

By Tim Lister

The video, shot by a bystander, is horrific.  A man lies on a Bangkok street, his legs severed below the knee. He is Saeid Moradi, a 28-year old Iranian, injured on February 14 as he tried to throw a device at police.

Minutes earlier, an explosion had rocked the house rented by Moradi and two other Iranians in the Sukhumvit Road area of the Thai capital. (Watch one of the suspects take Thai police to the scene of the explosion)

They left the house before being confronted by police. All three are now under arrest - one detained in neighboring Malaysia as he tried to board a plane for Tehran. FULL POST

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