Senator's questions about CIA program may hold up nomination
December 17th, 2013
09:11 PM ET

Senator's questions about CIA program may hold up nomination

By Evan Perez, CNN Justice Reporter

A new congressional fight is brewing over the Central Intelligence Agency's controversial use of harsh interrogations almost decade ago.

Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colorado, is threatening to block the nomination of President Barack Obama's choice for CIA general counsel unless the agency provides an internal report that he says bolsters findings made by a congressional investigation of the interrogation program.

The Senate Intelligence Committee produced a 6,300-page report on the program, which used methods such as waterboarding on prisoners held by the CIA in the years after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

December 17th, 2013
02:00 PM ET

Levinson family wants meeting with FBI chief James Comey

By: CNN National Correspondent Susan Candiotti

The family of long-missing former FBI agent Robert Levinson has renewed its request for a meeting with the bureau's new director following reports Levinson had been working for the CIA when he vanished, the family's lawyer said Monday.

Levinson disappeared on a trip to Iran in 2007, and U.S. officials say they have no idea where he is now. The Associated Press and The Washington Post reported last week that he had been working as a contractor for the CIA, but the White House said Levinson "was not a U.S. government employee" when he disappeared.