Leaked document shows Obama efforts to expand cyberwarfare preparation
June 7th, 2013
10:18 PM ET

Leaked document shows Obama efforts to expand cyberwarfare preparation

By Barbara Starr

President Barack Obama has directed senior national security leadership to prepare a list of targets for potential cyberattacks, according to a "Top Secret" document published Friday by the British newspaper The Guardian.

The classified document marks the third time in three days that highly sensitive government information has been leaked to The Guardian.

The latest document, called Presidential Policy Directive/PPD-20, is marked "TOP SECRET/NOFORN" which means it is not to be shared with foreign nationals. CNN could not independently verify the directive but it appears in the same format as other government directive documents. "Top Secret" material is highly sensitive but it is not the highest level of classification in the government.

The presidential directive orders the federal government to "identify potential targets" for "offensive" cyberoperations - essentially cyberattacks.


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