January 27th, 2013
04:04 PM ET

The new national security team's Obama-think

President Barack Obama's incoming national security team of John Kerry, Chuck Hagel and John Brennan is far more aligned with the president's way of thinking than the outgoing team. So says retired general Michael Hayden, who is a former Director of National Intelligence and former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Hayden appeared on CNN's State of the Union to talk about national security issues, along with retired general Stanley McChrystal. The similarity in outlook is a red flag to Hayden, especially compared to Obama's outgoing team of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and former Secretary of Defense and CIA Director Leon Panetta.

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"I think the new team thinks more like the president thinks when it comes to foreign policy. This will be a team that might not push back as much with regard to cuts or withdrawals or smaller footprints or reluctant moves with new eras," Hayden said.

Asked about the opposition to Hagel, Hayden said Hagel should have few issues with the military should he get confirmed. Senator Hagel was on the intelligence oversight committee when Hayden worked in intelligence.

"He was a member you could talk to, but on a personal base have a candid exchange of views. You could always speak with him and frankly given my time in uniform, that's a tremendous attribute attribute. I think will work out well," Hayden told Candy Crowley on Sunday.

McChrystal said that Hagel's military experience will benefit the potential defense secretary.

"I don't think it's a prerequisite, but I think it's very helpful. And he'll build relationships as he goes. He has a lot of credibility. I don't think it will be a problem," McChrystal said.

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