General's warning to U.S. troops at upcoming NATO summit: Behave
May 14th, 2012
02:00 AM ET

General's warning to U.S. troops at upcoming NATO summit: Behave

Editor's note: Read all of Security Clearance's coverage of the 2012 NATO summit in Chicago

By Barbara Starr

The head of the U.S. Northern Command has a reminder for his troops supporting the upcoming NATO summit in Chicago: no alcohol, no prostitutes.

It comes as the U.S. Southern Command finalizes its probe into the conduct of 12 troops assigned to security for a recent presidential trip to Colombia. Investigations continue into an alleged prostitution scandal involving military and Secret Service agents who were in the South American nation in advance of a trip last month by President Barack Obama.

The U.S. military is about to offer its logistical support to the NATO summit that will be attended by Obama and other heads of state later this month in Chicago. U.S. troops are expected to assist with communications, security, transportation and other functions throughout the high-profile event.

In memos obtained by CNN's Security Clearance blog, NORTHCOM commander Gen. Charles Jacoby issued orders reminding troops about proper conduct.

"Military commanders routinely apply lessons learned from previous experiences. In this case, the recent events in Colombia highlighted to the leadership at USNORTHCOM the importance of ensuring that there is absolutely no confusion on what is expected from the military and DOD (Department of Defense) civilians supporting these important national security events," explained U.S. Northern Command spokesman John Cornelio.

Jacoby, who oversees all troops in the continental United States, wrote "it is incumbent on all of you to perform your duties to the best of your ability and to represent your country and service in the best possible manner."

Jacoby reminded the troops they may not "solicit prostitutes or engage in conduct which is unprofessional or unbecoming as a member of the armed forces." That includes a ban on drinking any alcohol, except for approved summit social events. They also may not wear any ripped or torn civilian garments, or any clothing displaying profanity or slurs.

"Commanders at all levels are charged with the responsibility to ensure the members assigned to them during operations and other significant events, like the NATO summit, maintain good order and discipline," Cornelio told Security Clearance. "We have learned lessons from the past and are applying them. Our commander wanted to make it perfectly clear to all military and civilian personnel supporting the Chicago summit what was expected of them."

Here are the memos:


FROM: Commander, USNORTHCOM Commander, JTF-Summit

The NATO summit is a significant event in the development and sustainment of our national security policy. NATO is the United States’ longest standing and most trusted alliance. It is an honor to host this event in the United States in the great City of Chicago. In addition to the critical security issues that will be discussed, the reputation and hospitality of our country and our armed forces will be on display for the world. As critical players in hosting a successful conference, every member of JTF-Summit has a role to play. It is incumbent on all of you to perform your duties to the best of your ability and to represent your country and service in the best possible manner. In a very real sense, the eyes of the country and world will be on you. I am confident you will keep faith with your fellow service members and not let the team or the country down.

General, USA Brigadier General
Commander, USNORTHCOM Commander, Joint Task Force Summit
Illinois National Guard

1. General Order #1, Title 10 and GS Personnel
2. General Order #1, Title 32 Personnel

6 May 2012


SUBJECT: General Order # 1 – Standards of Conduct for Department of Defense (DOD) Personnel Assigned, Attached, or OPCON/TACON to JTF-Summit

1. PURPOSE: To identify conduct that is prejudicial to the maintenance of good order and discipline of all JTF-Summit personnel during support operations to the 2012 NATO Summit.

2. COMMANDER’S INTENT: Accountability, discipline and standards for DOD personnel operating in support of our partners are paramount to the success of our mission. As such, all Commanders shall ensure the existence of clear mechanisms for accountability and all DOD personnel shall have a well-defined chain of command, have adequate supervision, be accountable to each other and conduct themselves in an honorable manner. Commanders must ensure that we carry out our missions in a manner that honors our services when we deploy in support of partners and the citizens of the United States.

3. AUTHORITY: Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), Title 10 U.S.C. 801-940, and Title 5 U.S.C. Chapter 75.

4. APPLICABILITY AND PUNITIVE PROVISIONS: This General Order is applicable at all times to all Title 10 and DOD civilian personnel assigned, attached, or OPCON/TACON to JTF-Summit when deployed in the Joint Operational Area (JOA) in support of the 2012 NATO Summit. The specific prohibitions contained in paragraph 7b of this General Order can be prosecuted under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and under applicable DOD and Service civilian personnel regulations.

5. STATEMENTS OF MILITARY PURPOSE AND NECESSITY: When personnel are deployed in support of JTF-Summit, each person’s conduct must be professional at all times in order to enhance the public’s trust and confidence and to gain the full cooperation of local, State, and other Federal agencies. The restrictions described below are necessary to achieve these stated purposes.

6. UNIT COMMANDER’S RESPONSIBILITY: Commanders are charged with ensuring all DOD personnel are briefed on the restrictions contained in this order. Commanders will ensure members of JTF-Summit are accounted for at all times and receive adequate guidance and supervision for the performance of their duties and for their personal behavior both on and off duty. Commanders may further restrict their personnel, as they deem necessary, consistent with law and regulations.

7. STANDARDS OF CONDUCT: In line with my vision, all JTF-Summit personnel shall conform to the high standards of conduct expected by USNORTHCOM and the citizens of the United States.

a. Members Will:
• Know, respect, and obey their chain of command. It is every member’s job to do so in a professional manner.
• Conduct themselves at all times in a manner that brings credit on their respective service and country. You are goodwill ambassadors of the United States to all participating nations of the NATO Summit.
• Treat all members of JTF-Summit, including federal, state and local partners, and conference participants, with dignity, respect and courtesy.
• Honor and support our brothers and sisters who remain engaged in combat today through the performance of their duties in the homeland.

b. Members Will Not:
• Consume any alcohol. The first O-6 commander in the chain of command may approve an exception to this provision for a special social event.
• Wear clothing other than the proper uniform or appropriate civilian attire while on duty.
• Wear any of the following, when off-duty or in a public place:
• Ripped or torn garments;
• Garments displaying profanity, nudity, illegal drug-related pictures or words; or
• Garments displaying racial, sexual, or ethnic slogans or words.
• Use Government or rental vehicles for other than official purposes. This means use for a purpose other than travel between place of duty and lodging, while on duty to perform official business, and reasonable distances to places for health and welfare purposes, such as eating establishments, places of worship, cleaners, barbershop, grocery store, or other places without the permission of a commander or supervisor.
• Solicit prostitutes or engage in conduct which is unprofessional or unbecoming as a member of the armed forces.

8. EFFECTIVE DATES: This General Order is effective immediately and expires when all DOD personnel have redeployed to their home station/port.

General Brigadier General
Commander, USNORTHCOM Commander, Joint Task Force Summit
Illinois National Guard


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