Feds need more computer defense experts, Napolitano says
April 21st, 2012
07:41 PM ET

Feds need more computer defense experts, Napolitano says

By CNN's Rene Marsh

The federal government says a potential cyberattack is the most serious economic and national security threat the United States faces, but it faces a shortage of skilled experts who could head off that threat, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano warns.

There's a huge job market for cyberwarriors who can protect the nation's computer networks from an attack, but many of those jobs are going unfilled, Napolitano said.

"There is a lack of expertise and there are a lot of people clamoring for people who know the internet well," said Napolitano, who called electronic security her No. 1 concern. "Millions of people use the internet every day, and we want that - that's a good thing. But there is this dark side, and that's what we need to be protecting against."

Homeland Security says it responded to more than 106,000 cyberattacks in 2011. Napolitano says without more experts in repelling those incursions, the U.S. economy could be the biggest casualty.


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