April 9th, 2012
09:40 PM ET

U.S. sends signal to Iran before talks

Before talks over Iran's nuclear program get underway in Istanbul later this week, the U.S.S. Enterprise arrived in the Persian Gulf as part of a message to Iran that U.S. military resources are ready in the event President Obama orders military action against the Islamic Republic's nuclear program.

For now, tough economic sanctions directed at Iran and the threat of more are the stick the international community is using to bring greater transparency to Iran's nuclear ambitions.  

Is it enough to keep Israel from striking Iran's nuclear complex?  Barbara Starr reports.

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In France, a new type of lone wolf threat
April 9th, 2012
06:21 PM ET

In France, a new type of lone wolf threat

Editor's note: Raffaello Pantucci is an associate fellow at the International Center for the Study of Radicalization (ICSR) and the author of the forthcoming "We Love Death As You Love Life: Britain's Suburban Mujahedeen" (Hurst/Columbia University Press).

Analysis from Raffaello Pantucci, Special to CNN

Mohammed Merah's death has done little to clarify what motivated him to carry out his terrorist act.

The assassination of a series of North African French soldiers, followed by the cold-blooded shooting of Jewish children as they went to school, all show evidence of a mind twisted by hate that was motivated by Islamist ideas:  The soldiers had the audacity to be members of an army fighting against Islam while the children had the misfortune of being born into the wrong religious family. FULL POST

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April 9th, 2012
03:54 PM ET

Rice: North Korea has "nothing to gain"

North Korea's coming satellite launch and the possibility of a nuclear test would both be a "blatant violation" of North Korea's international obligations, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations told CNN's John King in an interview on Monday.

"We have taken the view that these are highly provocative steps," Ambassador Susan Rice said in the interview airing at 6pET on CNN's "John King, USA." "They have nothing to gain and only further isolation to anticipate should they go ahead with this." FULL POST

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How restrictive is the night raid deal?
April 9th, 2012
03:42 PM ET

How restrictive is the night raid deal?

Analysis by Adam Levine

The agreement between the U.S. and Afghanistan on night raids raises the question of whether the Afghan government is essentially getting veto authority over U.S. military actions in the war, CNN's Barbara Starr reports.

But a top military spokesman disputed the characterization, saying that the Afghans are the ones putting the missions together and leading them, with intelligence being provided by both the U.S. and Afghanistan. FULL POST

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North Korea planning new nuclear test, South Korean intelligence report says
April 9th, 2012
06:26 AM ET

North Korea planning new nuclear test, South Korean intelligence report says

By Paula Hancocks and Jethro Mullen

North Korea is planning a new nuclear test in the area where it staged previous atomic blasts, according to a report from South Korean intelligence officials obtained by CNN.

The intelligence report has come to light as North Korea gets ready to carry out a controversial rocket launch this week, a move that would further strain ties between the reclusive, nuclear-armed state and other countries in the region. The planned rocket launch is scheduled to take place just months after the ascendancy of its new leader.