U.S. frustration with China likely to continue
President Obama and and Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping met in the Oval Office Tuesday
February 15th, 2012
04:00 AM ET

U.S. frustration with China likely to continue

By Jamie Crawford

President Barack Obama reminded China's presumptive next president Tuesday that "with expanding power and prosperity also comes increased responsibilities."

But when it comes to a greater embrace of American interests, China's own internal systems will likely keep that from becoming reality any time soon.

There was a lot of truth in Vice President Biden's statement Tuesday to Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping that the two countries are "not always going to see eye to eye." China's recent veto of a resolution on Syria, along with Russia, at the United Nations Security Council bears testament to that.

To be sure, there is a fair amount of alignment in U.S. and Chinese thinking from the proverbial 30,000-foot view. Both countries want the global economy to grow at a faster pace, and both agree Iran should not have a nuclear weapons program.

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