January 31st, 2012
06:02 AM ET

9 killed in air strike in Yemen

Update: A senior US official tells Barbara Starr that the strike was carried out by a mix of drones and manned aircraft under the control of the Defense Department and not the CIA. Both drones and manned aircraft shot at the target. The post attack assessment is still ongoing and a determination is to be made on how many people, and whom was killed. A second US official calls the attack “very complex.”

By Hakim Almasmari, For CNN

Three suspected drone strikes hit militant targets in southern Yemen on Monday night and Tuesday morning, killing at least nine people with suspected links to al Qaeda, security officials said.

The missiles struck Abyan province near areas that have been taken over by Ansaar al-Sharia, a militant group with links to al Qaeda, three security officials officials said. FULL POST


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