Taliban schizophrenia?
January 5th, 2012
09:24 AM ET

Taliban schizophrenia?

Authorities found the bodies of 15 Pakistani security personnel in the country's northwest tribal region, officials said Thursday. The security officials had been kidnapped two weeks ago in Tank, an area south of Peshawar near the Afghan border, said Ali Sher, a senior security official. The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the killings, said Ihsanullah Ihsan, a spokesman for the militant group.

CNN freelance reporter and military expert Wajahat S. Khan said this latest incident shows the Taliban is suffering from schizophrenia:

"This latest round of killings indicates a multiple personality disorder if you will. It shows a diverse factionalism that is developing beneath the wider umbrella of the Taliban movement.

On the one hand we have the peace negotiations between the Afghan Taliban and the US gaining traction fast.  On the other hand on the Pakistani side we now have proof that there are certain elements that want to up the ante and are not interested in talking.

All of this is muddled by people like Mullah Muhammad Omar – the so-called Supreme Commander of the Afghan Taliban – who want the Pakistani Taliban to stop fighting the Pakistani government and join with his ranks to fight the US and other coalition forces operating in Afghanistan in a Jihad.

But it seems that after this incident, something now is obvious: the center of gravity of the radical hard core extremist core that aren’t interested in talking seems to have shifted from Afghanistan across the border to Pakistan."

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  1. Andres Spurger

    Borderline personality disorder and bipolar are often mistaken as being the same thing. They are also often misdiagnosed, one for the other. This is because the symptoms for both illnesses are startlingly similar.Borderline personality disorder is actually less common and less known than bipolar. Borderline personality disorder accounts for only about twenty percent of hospitalizations for mental illness each year, while bipolar accounts for about fifty percent of hospitalizations. Borderline personality disorder is most common in young women, whereas bipolar is equally common in both men and women, as well as all age groups.-

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    February 4, 2013 at 12:32 pm | Reply
  2. Skorpio

    Eliminate Muslim clerics like this Mullah and at least 80% of all the killings, violence, suicide attacks, discrimination would disappear around the world. Unless Islamic clerics (ayatollahs, mullahs, imams, muftis, ulemas, sheiks, etc) experience the same pain, suffering, anxiety as their victims, nothing is going to change. These evil creatures are the main instigators of the violence and terrorism. I wish someone could pay rewards to anyone who sends these creatures to paradise.

    January 5, 2012 at 3:08 pm | Reply
    • maryam

      You are correct. Religious fanatics-many of them are not religious at all. They USE religion and interpret all religion their own way so they can brainwash children with it, so they have slaves beneath them who will kill for them, so they can feel superior.They obviously have low self esteem , that they feel they must kill to feel better about who they are, because even in Islam, most people practice faith with tolerance and respect, most people practice it knowing killing is a sin against anyone, that there should be no arrogance, and that dialogue and fairness to all people is the right way. MUSLIMS-give Islam a better name, distance yourselves from these intruders of your faith who have turned to radical behaviors.Capture them, turn them in, for they are making life difficult for all of you with their hatred. Any Islamic radical group that attacks others, including those who attack other faiths, ARE NOT following a kind Gods moral path. They are not religious, they dont care of you die FOR THEM. Yes you are dying for THEM, NOT for ALLAH. Allah loves peace and talking. Destroy these evil mn, they are the ones who bring difficult moments to you. The civilized world wants to see you do well, without terrorism in your lives. You can have your faith, but change its name to be called Islam of Peace, as peaceful people who see that we are all equal as humans, so that you can separate yourselves from those radicals who proclaim themselvs to be chosen and more holy than yourselves. Or go to another country and leave THEIR brand of Islam which they try to control you with by lying. THERE IS NO WAR ON ISLAM, the war is on radical haters who kill both non muslims AND Muslims. Join the world and turn them in so there can be world peace. Iran will rise as well against the radical religious who are a minority. One by one they will disappear, because God doesnt want psychotic people to lead his people, and we are all Gods children, EXCEPT for the radical sons of Satan. Omar and the rest have seen their last days, because the people love GOD and they never have.God is on the side of his flock, not the lying destroyers of Islam, Mullah Omar, al qaeda and the rest.

      January 5, 2012 at 9:46 pm | Reply
  3. Amit-Atlanta-USA

    It's Pakistani power politics in full play.

    As Gen. Musharaff and even several Taliban leaders have themselves openly claimed, the Taliban cannot lift even their little finger w/o the Pakistani military's nod! Given that fact, this killing is nothing surprising. The Pakistani military and ISI, and in turn the Pakistani govt view such killings ONLY AS COLLATERAL DAMAGE (calling them Martyrs) in their quest to keep the war going. To that end they have systematically eliminated anyone intent on making peace with the US and the Karzai regime.

    Why do they do it? To keep the US and Western aid flowing, and to bring America on its knees by continuing to bleed us, just as they are doing with India by locking up half a million Indian soldiers by pushing in a mere couple of thousand die-hard, well trained, religiously motivated Islamic guerilla fighters. As we know most of the aid so GLEENED goes straight into the Pakistani military coffers, while pretending that they are themselves victims of terror. That also serves as a cover to quietly add to their nuclear stockpile, convinced that the US will YET AGAIN turn a blind eye in view of the Pakistani partnership in the war on terror.

    All this has one laser focused goal – of carrying forward the Saudi inspired, Pakistani delivered goal of exporting Islamic Jihad to the west, bring the west, Israel & India on its knees and eventual Islamization of the entire world.

    Many people incl. CNN's own rabidly anti-Semite, America/India/West hating Mr. FAREED ZAKARIA are overtly & covertly working to ensure just that, while outwardly pretending to be American patriots and ONLY NOTIONALLY condemning radical Islam to hoodwink gullible & naive Americans.

    Unless America, Europe (b4 it's completely lost), India and Israel join hands to tame this Islamic demon once & for all, our demise as free, secular, democratic nations is definite........if not in the coming years/decades......may be even if it were to take a century!

    If only we look at the examples of how predominantly Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish lands have fallen into the Islamist's lap with all traces of their non-Islamic past totally erased, to what is currently underway in Europe, India, Israel and also right here in America, nobody can call them mere doomsday prophecies!!! When we do realize that they indeed were true…….it may be just too late!!!!



    January 5, 2012 at 1:01 pm | Reply
    • aaron

      religion is the whole problem with why everyone is killing eachother. Which is funny because all the religions claim murder is wrong. But they just murder in big numbers.

      January 5, 2012 at 2:04 pm | Reply
      • KeninTexas

        No, religion is only an excuse that the crazies use. Even if religion disappreared tomorrow, something else would spring up to replace it as a reason to hate another group or as a smoke screen to try to gain power over people.

        January 7, 2012 at 2:06 am |
    • yousuf

      agree with pak politics ,couldnt be any more wrong in respect of beautiful ,peaceful relgion of islam

      January 5, 2012 at 3:47 pm | Reply
      • maryam

        Many people are leaving Islam but cannot say so openly. Iranians will say that Pakistan religion in some areas has become a Saudia whahabi region, terroristic. But there are a lot of good Pakistani who see this but are fearful.Countries must wed out the terrorisytic nature of these radical Islamists. Othewise one day there will be no Islam but for radicals , because everyone else will have left it. Not Islamaphobia–who created this word? Radicals are making the world fear Islam, and instead of spreading Islam, people are leaving it. They will tell you it rises in numbers-its not via conversions. They havent counted those thatve left Islam because they will never know.There is no peaceful religion when you are arrested or fined or killed for leaving it, for changing to another faith or marrying another. If Islam decreases by people leaving it, life will change. There are a lot of good Muslims out there. Religion can be good if it is peaceful and stays out of the private lives of others. GOD is the only one who will judge you, not your mullah, not your religious teacher. Allah will love you no matter what religion or even if you are a non believer or elese why would he give us the ability to think for ourselves? He would have set our minds so we all think the same. Use your mind! Dont let religious leaders control your brain or your heart! God loves you no matter what! EVEN if you sin! And if you dont believe in God thats ok too! Fund yourself but dont force yourself to be Muslim just because your family or leader says you have to be! Move away and join the world for peace!

        January 5, 2012 at 9:59 pm |
  4. Tiffany Lane

    Great spin. Is Wajahat S. Khan a medical doctor or licensed psychologist?

    January 5, 2012 at 12:33 pm | Reply
  5. rk from NY

    not schizo...its in paki DNA to kill....and whats the difference between taliban and paki security..arn't they all the same terrorists...US and nato may just as well sit and watch by the sidelines the paki terrorists killing each other..whats the need for US drones when pakis kill more pakis by the day...hahahh

    January 5, 2012 at 12:32 pm | Reply
  6. Mephisto

    I’m afraid that multiple personality disorder and schizophrenia are two entirely different things that are often confused with one another, when the media spreads the idea that they are the same thing it can be detrimental to those with either disorder and confuse others.

    January 5, 2012 at 11:06 am | Reply
    • Seraphim01

      Most definitely. Schizophrenia and Dissassociative Identity Disorder (what Multiple Personalities is clinically called), are drastically different in both symptoms and diagnosis. Whomever wrote this really needs to do some research.

      January 5, 2012 at 3:01 pm | Reply
    • shrunk

      This criticism is irrelevant. Etymologically, schizophrenia means split brain or split mind. The author has the full right to use the term in this – literary – sense, all the more because the pseudoscience of psychology is cyclically running over diagnostic categories without the slightest scientific proof from the reductionist point of view: there is no basis in biochemics, neuroanatomy or electrophysiology. As another example: minimal brain disorder, minimal brain dysfunction, attentional deficit and hyperactivity disorder, soon to be replaced by attentionally challenged persons etc. The field will never even come close to a discipline like biology if they can't get their taxonomies right.

      January 6, 2012 at 4:25 am | Reply

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