Judging the underwear bomber
Shown here is a photo from inside Detroit-bound Northwest Flight 253, after 23-year-old Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab attempted to ignite an explosive device on board Christmas Day.
October 12th, 2011
04:00 AM ET

Judging the underwear bomber

The trial of Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab started on Tuesday in Detroit.  Even on day one, much was learned about the havoc in the plane as the suspect, now widely referred as the 'underwear bomber,' tried to light the explosives hidden in his pants. ( CNN's Deobrah Feyerick wraps the first day of the case.)

Day one of the testimony was not without its slightly humorous elements.  The first witness described how AbdulMutallab's pants "resembled something I hadn't seen before."

"They were bulky, they reminded me of my son's Pull-Ups when he was little.  I assume they looked like adult Pampers.  I don't know what they were, but they were bulky and burning,"  said Michael Zantow, who was sitting a row behind AbdulMuttallab on the plane.

As for the question of what do you say when a fellow passenger's pants are ignited, the answer is a simple "hey dude, your pants are on fire." That's what passengers yelled out, according to Zantow.

CNN Senior Producer Laura Dolan is at the court and provided this breakdown of the jury hearing the case:

1st juror:

Woman of South East Asian descent in her 40's.  Black hair Homemaker.  Has a daughter attending college at Michigan State.  She likes reading religious novels and Better Homes and Gardens and watching crime shows like CSI.  She's a good cook.  She was a juror last summer on a domestic violence civil case.  They found the defendant not guilty bc there was no proof of intention.  She watches ABC evening news sometimes.  She had no issues with the case.

2nd juror:

Black woman in her 50's.  Was a housekeeper in a dialysis center for 10 yrs.  She was in the Navy for 10 years.  She reads a lot of novels.  She didn't know a lot about the case previously and never heard the phrase Underwear Bomber or Christmas Bomber.  She was very nervous.

3rd juror:

White woman in her late 50's.  She was a nurse's aid.  Her husband passed away.  Her son is a Detroit Cop.  Plays with her five grandchildren.   She likes to go to the casino, and likes gardening.  She's a good baker.  She didn't know a lot about the case.  She doesn't watch a lot of news.

4th juror:

White woman in her 60's.  She was a part-time nurse practitioner for 13 years.  Her father was a retired state policeman – died at age 96.  Her son studied criminal justice.  She's a church elder.  She thinks about terrorists.  Her life experience has affected her view of Muslims (in a neutral way) and assured judge she can judge Abdulmutallab on his own accord.

5th juror:

White woman in her 60's with short gray hair.  She is retired from work in an accounting department of an large engineering firm.  Her husband is a retired supervisor in the automotive industry.  She like gardening and photography.  She heard about the case when it happened but hasn't paid much attention to it.  She claims no bias and believes in jury trial system.  She watches local news daily.

6th juror:

White woman in her late 40's.  She is an office manager for an elementary school for past 10 years.  Her husband is an automotive engineer.  She enjoys reading trashy women's novels, mysteries and fiction.  She's active in her church.  She doesn't watch much news.  She was a juror once before and enjoyed the process.  No opinion of the how this case will be resolved.

7th juror:

Black woman in her 50's.  She is an office administrator for a utility company.  She is active in her church and her husband is the pastor of their Baptist church.  She and her husband are also blues performers.  She was the victim of a home invasion 10 years ago and the perpetrator was convicted.  She has a positive view of the judicial system.  Her nephew was charge with murder 10 years ago and was acquitted.  She heard about the incident with when it happened in 2009.  But she doesn't watch the news a lot and has no predisposition of the case.

8th juror:

White male in his late 40's.  He's a high school teacher – teaches sociology, criminal justice, all social studies courses.  He's been a teacher for 22-years.   He coaches boys golf and girls JV basketball.  He was a security guard in college

9th juror:

White male in his 40's.  He's an engineer and travels frequently for work He works with and is friends with Muslims.  He's Christian.  He was a member of the NRA and the AMA (American Motorcycle Assoc).  His wife tutors in Detroit.  He heard about the incident when it happened in 2009 but's it been so long he forgets the details.

10th juror:

White male in his late 50's.  He was a tool and dye estimator but was laid off in 2009.  He likes to read and ride his motorcycle.  He's a recovering alcoholic – hasn't drank since 1986.  Thinks it's a bad idea for AbdulMutallab to be his own attorney.  He heard about the incident back when it happened in 2009. Now it's just "white noise."

11th juror:

White woman in her late 60's.  She is a retired elementary school teacher and was a Sunday School teacher at her church.  Her niece works in the prosecutors office in St. Clare County.  She like to sing gospel music and reads historical fiction.  Her stepson works for national security in Baltimore but has no idea what he does.  She heard about the incident on the news when it happened.

12th juror:

White woman in her 60's.  She's a retired branch supervisor for the secretary of state in MI Retired in 2002 Likes line dancing and travels to Florida a lot with her husband.  She was very involved with the VFW through her father Her husband was in the Navy and worked on an aircraft carrier. He was discharged in 1970.  She vaguely remembers what happened with Abdulmutallab.

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  1. Robi

    So far they've seemed to favuor planes over all other transport. Oh, and buses, and underground. No, I'm sure they will do trains. It's just that the survival rate will be much higher. And you can't deny that the Chinese government aren't actually bending over backwards for certain religious groups unlike those useful idiots the govts of Europe.Now it's all over the internet that the guy got on the plane without a passport, that he was accompanied by a well-dressed man in a suit etc. Don't know what's true, but it will probably be hushed down as usual. Mustn't upset those irate muslims!

    November 12, 2012 at 11:57 pm | Reply

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